photo: Eiji Kikuchi

formula, a constantly evolving work updated with each presentation, is a perfect synchronisation between sound frequencies and the movements on the screen. It places the viewer in a binary geometry of space and exploits the darkness to amplify one's perceptions. There is a complete integration of the various elements, composing music, images, lighting and orchestrating the relationships between them through a highly precise score.


directed by Ryoji Ikeda
concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda

formula [prototype]
video materials and editing: Shiro Takatani
computer graphics: Hiromasa Tomari
lighting and stage design: Takayuki Fujimoto

formula [ver. 1.0 - 2.2]
computer graphics and editing: Shohei Matsukawa
produced by Ryoji Ikeda

photo: Osamu Watanabe, courtesy of Kazuya Kondo
photo: Osamu Watanabe, courtesy of Kazuya Kondo

author/text: Ryoji Ikeda
distribution: Cornerhouse Publications
pages: 96
binding: paper back
illustrations: 62 in colour & 34 monochrome illustrations
language: english
price: €37.50/£25.00
special limited edition price: €75.00/£50.00
ISBN: 9780954828806
features: book and DVD contained in clear plastic slip-case in numbered edition of 3000. DVD features eight sound pieces from installation works and a 35-minute full video documentation of the formula [prototype] concert filmed in Tokyo. Special limited edition of 100 includes a print, signed and numbered by the artist.
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dimensions 18.6 x 13.6 cm
date | publisher
NOV, 2002 NTT Publishing, JP
MAR 1, 2005 Forma, UK